My 2 yr old nephew loves anime

So, I am one of those people that can’t stand to watch the same old cartoons over and over again with kids. I get that they love it, but inside I am suffocating myself with a pillow. I can’t watch the same movie back to back(unless it’s Avengers: Endgame). So, every time I am spending time with my nephew he wants to watch Coco for the billionth time or Hotel Transylvania 3. Yes, specifically part three of that series. But I put my foot down. I try to get him to watch Hercules, Mulan, ANYTHING but those other two. He doesn’t seem too interested. But let me tell you, I put on anime and he is FOCUSED. I suppose the fast paced action in the ones I watch, he loves. I try to limit showing him the ones rated MA and keep it at TV-14.🤷🏾‍♀️ Knowing he loves anime makes me a proud auntie. My work here is done and now I have to get him into some martial arts classes when he’s older because he likes to kick and chop people.😂 lmao

My adorable nephew